woensdag 27 december 2017

H2 Trailer

In the film H2 we take a promising look at the solutions that hydrogen can offer in the reduction of CO2 emissions. To get answers to our questions we follow Jim Hoogmoed, Team manager Eco Runner team of the Technical University in Delft as he and his lead his team to design,built and test the most efficient hydrogen car Eco Runner 5 for the Eco Marathon competition. We talk to the automobile industry to companies like Hyundai to see if they see a future using hydrogen cars . We talk to Professor Ad van Wijk an hydrogen expert who shares with us his vision on Hydrogen as a power source, not only for cars, but also for housing and some amazing discoveries to reduce CO2 emissions world wide with the use of the fuel cell and hydrogen. Receiving input from Steven van Eijck, chairman RAI association, and his opinion on fuel cell powered cars H2 is a film with hope and solutions for the now and the future by use of the Fuel Cell