zaterdag 12 september 2015

A future without Power Plants

Centrale Hemweg
 In April Professor Ad van Wijk told in an interviewed for our documentary  H2 that he envisions a future where Hydrogen cars could provide the required electricity  to replace the power plants a future without power plants.  To make his invision his vision we filmed  Saturday 6 September a power plant in Amsterdam and with some special effect  in post  the power plant disappears

Test drive and hydrogen fuel up with Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

                                                           Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell at Pure Media location

 For the Pure Media documentary  H2 we filmed the test drive off a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell we drove up to the first hydrogen tank station in the Netherlands and fueled up the car to over 700 bar with 1.78 kg of hydrogen good for another 460 km free CO2 emissions driving.

The first hydrogen tank station in he Netherlands.
Fuel Cell turns hydrogen in electricity with
no CO2 emissions

Hydrogen Car selfy with Natascha Kieft

Steven van Eijck chairman RAI association positive about H2 cars

The Nice view op the top the floor of the  RAI Amtrium,
 For our documentary H2 Steven van Eijck chairman RAI association was willing to answer some questions.  The location was the RAI Amtrium, the latest flexible and sustainable conference,  meeting and office space on the north side of Amsterdam just opened in June 2015.
Natasha Kieft getting the mic ready

Steven van Eijck chairman  RAI association
Good to see that the Rai is having  a sustainable offices building and that Steven van Eijck was so positive about the H2 car.He came with some good suggestions how we can move forward to a more sustainable way of transport.

Eco Runner had the least air resistance in the world

Wind resistance test Eco Runner

After exciting months of preparation this week it was time to find out if the Eco runner is the most economical runner Eco hydrogen vehicle? The wind tunnel test had already shown that the Eco Runner had the least air resistance in the world. After a week turning laps around the Ahoy in Rotterdam  Eco Runner turned out to be the big winner. This is a nice addition to our documentary  H2 where we followed the preparations of the team from TU Delft

H2 car as powerplant

On Wednesday the 22nd of April Puur Media was on the premises of the Delft University of Technology for the upcoming documentary H2. In a  a house which is used for researching sustainability. We  interviewed the founder of future Green village and professor Ad van Wijk. 

Professor Ad van Wijk and filmmaker Benny Vink

 The beginning of the Green Village is this sustainable house

Ad van Wijk shared about different energy solutions based around hydrogen cars and how they differ from cars that run on fossil fuels and how they can complement electric cars which run on batteries. He  envisions a future where hydrogen cars play an important role in sustainable living. Hydrogen cars could provide the required electricity  to replace the power plants.

Professor van Wijk filmed by Benny Vink

After the interview, we dropped by the Ecorunner team in the Dream Hall. Filmmaker Benny Vink briefly looked back with Jim Hoogmoed (Team Manager) and Stefan Leegwater (Chief Engineer) on last week's events. They had had a busy week measuring the the air resistance of the Ecorunner 5, as well as the unveiling of their car for sponsors and family. After testing  a few days, we found out that their vehicle has the least air resistance in the world. After getting some rest, they  are  busy preparing for the race. 

Stefan Leegwater, Jim Hoogmoed and Benny Vink catching up.

The Dream Hall waar de Ecorunner  wordt gebouwd.

Filmmaker Benny Vink, Ad van Wijk and host Tim Jonathan walking towards the house.

Eco Runner Team Delft in documentaire H2

Eco runner 5
H2 our documentary we follow a group of enthusiastic students of the Technical
University of Technology who participate in a competition against other universities.
With the aim of who has the most economical hydrogen vehicle designed and built.

In recent months they have been working on the design of the Eco Runner 5
calculation suggest that this could be  the best air resistance in the world.
To see if these calculation are correct the Eco Runner  was places 5 in a wind tunnel to measure the exact air resistance.

It's  was a fun and inspiring  day of film and the recordings are a beautiful addition to the movie H2
Control room next to the wind tunnel where all measurement data arrives

With smoke is very good to see how the air moves over the vehicle.
The smoke particles can remain behind on the vehicle and cause air 
resistance is therefore after the smoke test it is  thoroughly cleaned

Filming @ hydrogen event for our docu "H2"

During our quest  in our documentary  "H2", a film about  tomorrow's transportation, we discovered that Hyundai is one of the first to put a hydrogen car on the market. To take inventory of the possibilities on driving on hydrogen at this stage, they followed up by organizing  hydrogen event in Rotterdam. Because the H2 car was there, we drove down to Rotterdam to take it for a spin and film it for ourselves.

Luk Termeulen Manager Sales Operations; filmmaker before the test-ride

Luk Termeulen and Benny Vink after the test ride
Car as Power plant
One of the speakers was Professor Ad van Wijk  from The Green Village/Technical University Delft. He talked about  how Hydrogen cars can become our local power plants. We are going to visit Ad van Wijk to film more about this.
Professor Ad van Wijk on cars as Power Plants
Reinier van den Berg, a climate expert. He shared about the need of using different energy sources as the climate is feeling the impact of our current use of fossil fuels. He stated that in nature everything is solar powered and is created in  sustainable life cycles. He pointed out that if it's possible in nature, it's also possible in our societies.
Reinier van den Berg, Climate expert & filmmaker Benny Vink

Below more pictures of the event.

The fuel cell that turns hydrogen in electricity

Refilling Hydrogen cars is faster than recharging batteries in electronic cars.
Mike Belinfante spokesman Hyunda being interviewed by filmmaker Benny Vink

Filmmaker Benny Vink inside the Floating Pavillion

 Professor van Wijk's vision:
How hydrogen cars can be used as a power plant.