zaterdag 12 september 2015

Filming @ hydrogen event for our docu "H2"

During our quest  in our documentary  "H2", a film about  tomorrow's transportation, we discovered that Hyundai is one of the first to put a hydrogen car on the market. To take inventory of the possibilities on driving on hydrogen at this stage, they followed up by organizing  hydrogen event in Rotterdam. Because the H2 car was there, we drove down to Rotterdam to take it for a spin and film it for ourselves.

Luk Termeulen Manager Sales Operations; filmmaker before the test-ride

Luk Termeulen and Benny Vink after the test ride
Car as Power plant
One of the speakers was Professor Ad van Wijk  from The Green Village/Technical University Delft. He talked about  how Hydrogen cars can become our local power plants. We are going to visit Ad van Wijk to film more about this.
Professor Ad van Wijk on cars as Power Plants
Reinier van den Berg, a climate expert. He shared about the need of using different energy sources as the climate is feeling the impact of our current use of fossil fuels. He stated that in nature everything is solar powered and is created in  sustainable life cycles. He pointed out that if it's possible in nature, it's also possible in our societies.
Reinier van den Berg, Climate expert & filmmaker Benny Vink

Below more pictures of the event.

The fuel cell that turns hydrogen in electricity

Refilling Hydrogen cars is faster than recharging batteries in electronic cars.
Mike Belinfante spokesman Hyunda being interviewed by filmmaker Benny Vink

Filmmaker Benny Vink inside the Floating Pavillion

 Professor van Wijk's vision:
How hydrogen cars can be used as a power plant.

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