zaterdag 12 september 2015

Eco Runner Team Delft in documentaire H2

Eco runner 5
H2 our documentary we follow a group of enthusiastic students of the Technical
University of Technology who participate in a competition against other universities.
With the aim of who has the most economical hydrogen vehicle designed and built.

In recent months they have been working on the design of the Eco Runner 5
calculation suggest that this could be  the best air resistance in the world.
To see if these calculation are correct the Eco Runner  was places 5 in a wind tunnel to measure the exact air resistance.

It's  was a fun and inspiring  day of film and the recordings are a beautiful addition to the movie H2
Control room next to the wind tunnel where all measurement data arrives

With smoke is very good to see how the air moves over the vehicle.
The smoke particles can remain behind on the vehicle and cause air 
resistance is therefore after the smoke test it is  thoroughly cleaned

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